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min min, ufo or hippy?

whY nighT ridE???

Why night ride?  No-one truly understands unless they've done it, but I'll try...

it's different - it's...

...tracks turn suddenly, unexpectedly, what was known becomes unknown as the darkness crowds in.  Giant ghostly sentinels stand guard over the secrets of the past, as they have done for millennia.  Strange and grotesque shapes lean over your path, grabbing and clutching as you pass, odd noises and movement appear in the periphery of vision, am I being followed, where am I?  The normal has become surreal, the surreal normal.

...ommmmm....  the track, bike and rider become one, flying through the night, nothing interrupts, worries disappear as the rider becomes singleminded, in control, focused, entering a meditation like state, yet...

...pump, pump, pump - the thrill of the unknown, the fear, the excitement, the feeling of speed, which way?  A tunnel of light.  Jumping into darkness, where do I land?  aaaaahhhh...  adrenalin...

...things look different under lights - shadows lengthen, scampering for cover as the beam spills and splashes it's way ahead, old has become new. lights sparkle through the trees, many miles away.  Stars send their messages of forgotten times to the waiting...

...the pallid glow of the moon washes the hills and valleys with a silver sheen, the track ahead golden.

...riders behind you no longer exist, only strange lights, silently dancing and following like some crazed min-min on acid.


...the solitude and peace of lights out.

I hate pinchflats!

but I don't like pinchflats at night...

another fAt hIpPy production

Standard disclaimer:
Like all outdoor activities, mountain bike riding can result in serious or fatal injury. Riding at night increases your risk.
Track conditions can and do change. Don't ride beyond your ability. If you fall off it's your own fault.

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