Blue Mountains mtb rides

No fat hippies or less! Tracks to avoid! No fat hippies or less!

Sometimes you do a ride and wonder why - maybe your mate conned you into it, maybe you read about it elsewhere, maybe you reckoned it couldn't be that bad. Whatever. These are rides that I've been conned into, or just had to do to see if they were as bad others had said. I should have listened.

The Victory Track

The Victory Track runs down into Sassafras Gully and out again, starting at Faulconbridge at the level crossing, and having a number of exits in Springwood. I was conned into this track by a mate who later confessed that when they said they'd been down there before, they really meant they'd walked the track when they were young and fit - over 16 years ago.

Ok, so maybe I'm biased, maybe I shouldn't have let myself be talked into the ride, maybe it would have been better not to do it for the first time at night, or as my first ride with clipless pedals, or when I was already tired and in a bad frame of mind. Nah... The fact remains, the Victory Track is just not a ride, it's a walk. Don't bother unless you leave the bike at home.

Bunyan's - Martin's Lookouts

Theoretically, the track between these lookouts gives an alternative exit from the St Helena trails, and it's certainly possible. It's just not worth it. I rode this because I was told it was very hard, and, foolishly, I wanted to see for myself.

Don't bother if you have your bike.

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