Hippycam (tm)

The best places to look for my video are my YouTube and Vimeo channels.

In the old days I shot with a Sanyo 720x576 tape camera, usually connected to a security style bullet camera. I think I used to carry about 200m of cable, not to mention batteries, spare tapes, etc in my backpack. Often as not, I'd get to the end of a great run and discover I'd accidentally disconnected a wire putting the kit back into my pack, or had a dodgy connection, or the bullet camera's battery had come off, or, or... some other disaster had struck. These days I have a GoPro HD Hero and a GoPro HD Hero2, and they're a breeze to use - although I have forgotten to turn them on a couple of times, or thought they were on when they weren't. Meh. That's user error, not poor equipment. A huge improvement.

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