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ride links 
City Rail's home page just in case they move the timetables a again...
Blue Mountains mtb rides my reviews of popular Blue Mountains mtb rides

selected cycling trips

Dave Noble's rides pages - all around Sydney!
IMBA rules of the trail guide to off road behaviour - read it!
NPWS' version Similar, but from NPWS
Google Earth (requires download and installation) or Google Maps Play spotto with your favourite tracks Steve makes maps, including Narrow Neck and the Oaks
bike hire
Blue Mountain Bikes

Located in Woodford, handy to the Oaks, St Helena, Lake Woodford, Linden Ridge, Lawson Ridge - many of my favourite tracks - and not too far from many others.

Phone:(02) 4758 8058
Mobile: 0400 052 770

Central Tablelands Mountain Bike Club there's mtb heaven on the other side of the Blue Mountains
Western Sydney Mountain Bike Club mtb club in Western Sydney - lots of racing
Pedal Power ACT bike club in Canberra
oz mtb sites mtb news and forums - gone? They were, but, they're back.
Bicycles Network Australia Loads of Australian cycling links (businesses and clubs) and a cycling forum
Rotorburn mtb news and forums (formerly
ancient history - homemade bike lighting 
my mk I lights the original el cheapos (check the cheesy web design!)
my mk II lights cheap but a bit flashier
my mk III lights cheap and even flashier - switches and housings
my mk IV lights cheap and stylish for the new millennium
Crash Carden's Luxeons are LEDs the wave of the future?
Tony Stott's lights flashy aluminium housings and switches
Dave!@'s efforts yet another mtb-oz stalwart
SLA's vs Nicads by Marty Goodman pros and cons of each
Jaycar electrical bits and pieces retailer
Tandy electrical bits and pieces retailer
Dick Smith electrical bits and pieces retailer
Oatley Electronics electrical bits and pieces retailer
Woodford weather privately run weather station at Woodford
Blaxland weather privately run weather station at Blaxland
Katoomba weather Council's weather station at Katoomba
Springwood weather Council's weather station at Springwood

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