Terrace Falls by Night

Left at Hazo fire station.  Dirt ahead.  My home made light's ellipse highlights the rocks and potholes well.  Pick the smooth, faster line.  Along the top of the ridge, citizens slumber or tune into the soaps, unaware, as I speed past.  Some twists and turns and I start the drop into the gully.

Jump coming up.  Peer over into the shadows. Danger? No.  GO!  I light up the treetops as I leave the ground, the track vanishing into the inky blackness.  Bounce back to earth.  Lookout!  Rough and choppy surface, bouncing and sliding, suspension working hard.  Through.  The track twists ahead and then a wall of trees.  Which way?  Spot the gap and pedal hard. More jumps.

Finally the last house, jump again and a long left hander.  Surface loose, rear skidding, short straight then sharp right.  Shit!  The front's gone!  Adrenaline takes over. Somehow I'm around and still upright, heart racing.  Grin.  Pedal harder, leap the rocks, 50 kmh then brake hard, very hard for the left hand hairpin.  Sometimes I skid, but tonight is sweet.  Another jump and then hard right over the the dry creek bed.  In tight - too tight!  Almost join the falls.  Up a small hill and flat out down the other side.  Small jump, trees whizzing past, left turn, in tight, deep sand, drift out, loose, I'm gone!  No, through again.  Hammer down.  Picnic area.  Catch breath.  The track sinews along the side of the ridge and climbs again.  The last down hill, winding, loose and treacherous.  The lights show rocks on the line.  Dodge, skid, jump, slide. Jump and turn, turn and jump, nearly lose it on the last turn - dropped a Suzuki here.  Stop.

Omm.  Buzzed.  Catch breath and soak up the night.


This night ride rates 3.5 fat hippies.
one fat hippyone fat hippyone fat hippyone fat hippy
All rides are now rated in Fat Hippies - one means grab a slice of pizza and stay on the beanbag, two means not bad, three means well worth a ride, four is a great ride and five means stop looking at your computer, go ride it!

Distance <10 km
Difficulty Medium - may need to walk some uphills, depending on route. 
Surface may be loose.
Type Sandy firetrail, cars allowed some parts
Time Varies - can be done in less than an hour
Trains Lawson or Hazelbrook - timetable
See also... Woodford to Glenbrook Fire Trail, some sidetracks
Interest Terrace Falls

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